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Thank you for the wonderful service you provide to enable parents to help keep our children safe and to understand them, at an age when communication tends to break down. It will enable us to keep talking with our kids.
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 You wouldn't throw your children into the world without some guidance and boundaries. So why would you do this to them online? By all means the Internet is a virtual world. With all the benefits the Net has to offer, it also comes with figurative dark shadows and lurking creeps. The unfortunate problem is that most children, especially teenagers know more about the Internet and how to navigate it than their parents do, but they don't have the street smarts that their parents do. To help alleviate the problem please read the Parent's Internet Guide – Parental Controls Blog for insights and helpful tips on Internet pitfalls and how to prevent them.

Parent's Internet Guide

  • What's Right with the Fight
The better question is how to keep kids from being duped. Let's face it, kids are more technology savvy than adults and one ofthe most popular pastimes for them on the Internet is Instant Messaging (IM) with AIM being the top messenger choice. With it's emoticons and simple user interface it's no wonder so many people use it. The problem is that anybody can use it.
  • It's Easy for Kids to View Porn
I always assumed that you had to have a credit card number to access porn online. Apparently I was wrong. I read an article reporting a study suggesting that the largest consumers of Internet porn are 12-17 year olds and that children as young as 11 are being exposes to porn. To read the article…
  • Yahoo! finally stepping up to the plate!
Yahoo has shut down some its public chat rooms because some adult users were promoting sexual activities with minors. Of course, it took TV station, KPRC-TV, covering the story for Yahoo to take any action. It seems there were actually chat rooms with titles such as "Girls 13 and Under for Older Guys". You would think a company as vast as Yahoo would be monitoring their chat rooms a bit more closely. I haven't heard of any children being kidnapped or molested as a direct result of these chat rooms.
  • Inside the Mind of a Pedophile
So, I'm sure everybody has heard about Joseph Duncan, recently arrested, who "allegedly" kidnapped a brother and sister in Idaho. While he didn't meet them online, he did keep a blog which was last updated a mere two days before he "allegedly" kidnapped those kids.
  • Cyberbullying - A Problem for Everyone
The schoolyard bully has turned into the cyberspace bully. The difference is that the era of technology allows a greater audience and more anonymity for the said bully. Often referred to as flaming, cyberbullies send harassing mass e-mails and IMs and leave rude and offensive comments on message boards and blogs. It is also common for cyberbullies to hack into various accounts and change passwords. This can happen to anyone of any age, but it tends to occur in the middle school age most often.
  • Internet Safety and Child Protection Act
The new stats from Pew Internet and American Life Ptoject say that the number of teens online has increased 25% in just 5 years. That's 87% of kids ages 12-17. The teens surveyed said that they prefer IM to email hands down, whereas adults where of the complete opposite opinion. Interesting indeed.

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