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Thank you for the wonderful service you provide to enable parents to help keep our children safe and to understand them, at an age when communication tends to break down. It will enable us to keep talking with our kids.
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Parent Tools News and Updates

New Parent Tools for AIM - AIM 6.0 Support!

March 27, 2007

Finally!  Parent Tools for AIM (download) will now record IM and chat conversations that take place while using the new AIM 6.0.  The new version adds chat logging, scheduling, online time limits, and feature blocking to AIM 6.0!  Of course, you can still use AIM 5.9 with Parent Tools as well.  Download AIM 5.9 here if you need it.

Website Update

March 14, 2007

We have moved the site to a brand new server, so everything should be faster and more responsive.  If you have any issues, please let us know.

Update (3/16):  We have moved to a new and much improved help desk system, do to irresolvable issues with the old help desk.  If you had an account on the old help desk, please create a new account here.  You may still (temporarily) view the old help desk here.


New Frequently Asked Questions

October 5, 2006

We have added a troubleshooting and frequently asked questions page to our support center.  This should answer most of the common questions we receive via the help desk.

New Parent Tools for AIM - AIM Triton Support

January 4, 2006

Parent Tools for AIM (download) will now record IM and chat conversations that take place while using AIM Triton.  The new version adds chat logging, however due to the way AIM Triton is built, other features like scheduling and blocking of certain features are disabled while using Triton.  If you require scheduling, online time limits, and feature blocking, you can still use AIM 5.9, you can download AIM 5.9 here.

AIM 6.0 - Triton

November 23, 2005

Just a quick update on the status of Parent Tools for AIM.  America Online has released a new version of AIM, which for all intents and purposes, is completely different from AIM 5.9.  Parent Tools for AIM is being worked on now to add logging support for this new version of AIM.  Of course, the update when released will be free to all of our existing customers.  Thank you for your patience in this matter!

Parent Tools Newsletter Up and Running

October 11, 2005

The Parent Tools newsletter script on the home page is now working.  Sign up, so any time we have a new or updated release, you'll be the first to know.

New Parent Tools Web Site Design!

September 13, 2005

The new Parent Tools web site is up and running!  Please send us an email if you find any incorrect links or other issues.  A change this big is likely to mess a thing or two up, but we promise to have them fixed ASAP.  Known Issues:  The Newsletter on the home page is not yet working, and the Resellers page needs more information.  Also, please send us your feedback via the new Help Desk!

New Program! Parent Tools for Yahoo! Messenger

May 27, 2005

Parent Tools for Yahoo! Messenger has been released to the public! This new program offers all of the great features you've come to appreciate in Parent Tools, like stealth mode,
conversation logging, online schedules and more! You can download the free trial, check out the Parent Tools for Yahoo! Feature list, or purchase immediately and securely online!

New Parent's Internet Guide

May 23, 2005

A new Parenting site has been created to assist and inform parents on the dangers of the internet. Feel free to leave comments or just read at your leisure, so check out the Parent's Internet Guide today.

New Parent Tools for AIM

September 12, 2005

This release for Parent Tools fixes some issues raised with the latest version of AIM. Also a logging issue was addressed, so if you have had problems with recording in the past, this update is highly recommended. Download Parent Tools for AIM now!

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