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Thank you for the wonderful service you provide to enable parents to help keep our children safe and to understand them, at an age when communication tends to break down. It will enable us to keep talking with our kids.
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Parent Tools for AIM - Version History

* Version 2.5.5
- Added - Chat and IM logging for AIM 6.0 users
- Added - Scheduling and daily online time limits for AIM 6.0
- Added - Feature blocking for AIM 6.0

* Version 2.5.1
- Fixed - Misc. Issues

* Version 2.5.0
- Added - Chat logging for AIM Triton users

* Version 2.1.8
- Fixed - Direct Connect was not being blocked in the latest revision of AIM 5.9

* Version 2.1.7
- Fixed - Issues with AIM crashing on IM close in AIM 5.9
- Fixed - An issue that could prevent the proper logging of conversations

* Version 2.1.6
- Added - New Feature - In stealth mode preferences, users can now rename how the uninstaller appears in Add/Remove Programs for more stealth
- Added - When not in stealth, Parent Tools creates a Help link in the Program start menu
- Added - Help -> About Parent Tools window now contains a direct link to support
- Fixed - Conversation manager loading speed on large conversations greatly increased
- Fixed - When monitoring select screen names, Parent Tools would sometimes forget settings

* Version 2.1.5
- Fixed - Uninstaller was leaving a file on the computer
- Fixed - Rare occurrence where using certain AIM add-ons would prevent logging when Parent Tools was abruptly terminated.
- Fixed - Tweaked some internal protections to avoid a seemingly random GPF.

* Version 2.1.4
- Updated - Uninstaller now optionally allows you to delete all traces of the program
- Fixed - Log manager would not show the "No IM/Chat Logs" message when relevant
- Fixed - Possible occurrence where logs may not be completely recorded when captured
- Updated some runtime files for increased stability

* Version 2.1.3
- Updated - logs can now only be checked on an Administrator account
- Updated - Parent Tools adheres to more of Microsoft's programming recommendations
- Fixed an issue where conversations might not be logged when using multiple XP accounts simultaneously

* Version 2.1.2
- Fixed logging issue introduced in the previous version

* Version 2.1.1
- Fixed Instant Message logging issue where conversations were not always logging

* Version 2.1.0
- Updated core components for added stability
- Updated stealth mode so it automatically hides all icons and does not show popup messages
- Added an upgrade tool that will move settings and conversations to the new version
- Fixed file permissions issues on Windows XP Home to fix "Runtime Error 9" bug.
- Fixed a small Conversation Viewer issue
- Fixed conversations occurring when using Linked Screen Names were sometimes appearing under a different screen name in the log manager.

* Version 2.0.14
- Fixed Direct Connect not being disabled in AIM 5.5
- Fixed a few misc issues
- Updated runtime files for improved performance

* Version 2.0.13
- Fixed an issue with Windows 9x/Me users not being able to run the program.

* Version 2.0.12
- Fixed all pending issues with limited Windows XP accounts
- Added when double-clicking on the Parent Tools icon (if you decide to show it when program is running), it will bring up the login screen even if the program is already running
- Fixed some IM senders were not being correctly recorded in AIM 5.5

* Version 2.0.11
- Added compatibility for AIM 5.5
- Fixed issue where a recorded conversation could appear under a different screen name

* Version 2.0.8

- Fixed some users were experiencing runtime errors on limited windows accounts

* Version 2.0.7
- Added support for some 3rd-party AIM add-ons (Example: Extreme Messenger)

* Version 2.0.6
- Fixed some users were getting a runtime error 9 when logging in

* Version 2.0.4
- Fixed a small conversation logging issue

* Version 2.0.3
- Fixed Parent Tools was slowing down some older computers

* Version 2.0.2
- Added additional protections to prevent users without a password from shutting down the program

* Version 2.0.1
- Initial Release!

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